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Free Pattern: Easter Bunny Pin Cushion

April 14, 2017

Easter Bunny Pin Cushion

This pattern is pretty simple (read : I didn’t have to redo much). I needed a pin cushion & I was also in the mood for something easter hence I thought of merging the two. At about 2.5 inches long, it turned out to be a bit smaller than I had planned (miscalculated my gauge), but the design should hold irrespective of gauge.

Materials needed

  • White Crochet Thread
  • Pink Crochet Thread
  • Black Crochet/Embroidery Thread
  • Crochet needle with a slightly smaller size (I used 1.1mm instead of  the 1.5mm that would be appropriate for the thread)
  • Tapestry Needle/Wide-eye needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch Markers
  • Stuffing ( Cotton/Synthetic cotton)
  • Beads for eyes (optional)

Free Pattern

The bunny head is made in three parts: the face & two ears. You will also need to make appliques for the ears & nose & stitch the eyes, whiskers & mouth.


Make with white thread

  • Magic Ring : 10sc, pull ring close, DO NOT sl. st. close
  • R2 : [2sc, sc,2sc, sc,2sc]x2 (16)
  • R3 : [sc,2sc,sc,2sc,2sc,sc,2sc,sc]x2 (24)
  • R4 : [sc, 2sc, scx8,2sc,sc]x2 (28)
  • R5 : [sc, 2sc, scx10,2sc,sc]x2 (32)
  • R6 : [sc, 2sc, scx12,2sc,sc]x2 (36)
  • R7 : sc in each st (36)
  • R8 : [sc, red2sc, scx15]x2 (34)
  • R9 : [scx15, red2sc]x2 (32)
  • R10 : [sc, red2sc, scx13]x2 (30)
  • R11 : [scx13, red2sc]x2 (28)
  • R12 : [sc, red2sc, scx11]x2 (26)
  • R13 : [scx11, red2sc]x2 (24)
  • R14 : [sc, red2sc, scx6, red2sc,sc]x2 (20)
  • R15 : [sc, red2sc, scx4 , red2sc,sc]x2 (16), & close


Pink Thread : Magic Ring : sc, dc, sc, sc, dc, sc (x2) , sl st & pull close.  ( This automatically gave me a triangular shape, but if your piece looks more oval, ch1 & close)

Face Assembly

Using a needle & black thread, sew the shape of mouth & teeth on the face.

Place nose at top of mouth, and sew on with pink thread with base of the triangle on top

Using the same needle & black thread, sew on the whiskers at the other two vertices of the nose.

For the eyes, you can sew on beads if you have them, or sew on the eyes with black thread. I used crochet thread, but in retrospect, I may have been better off with embroidery thread.

Stuff the face  till it holds shape, and leave aside.


Inner Ear (make two with pink thread)

  • Ch 9
  • sl. st. in 2nd ch from hook, sc, sc, dc, dc, sc, sc, 4 sc in last chain, turn to other side
  • sc, sc, dc, dc, sc, sc,, close & weave in ends

Ear Base (make two with white thread

  • Magic Ring : 6 sc in ring, pull close , DO NOT
  • R2 : sc in each stitch (6)
  • R3 : [sc, 2sc, sc] x 2 (8)
  • R4 : sc in each stitch (8)
  • R5 : [sc, sc, sc, 2sc] x2 (10)
  • R6 : sc in each stitch (10)
  • R7 : [sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc] x2 (12)
  • R8 : sc in each stitch (12)
  • R9 : [sc, sc, sc, sc, red2sc] x2 (10)
  • R10 : [sc,red2sc,sc, sc] x2  (8)
  • Pause here to a) stitch on inner ear with pink thread & b)fill ear with stuffing
  • R11 : [sc, sc, red2sc]x2 (6)
  • R12 : [sc, red2sc]x2 (4)
  • R13 : [red2sc] x2 (2),, ch 1 & close. weave in ends

Final Assembly

Using white thread & needle, close the face opening with the base of the ears in the middle. Weave in ends

If you make this, comment below & share images of your work!

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