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Free Pattern: Boat Bookmark with Anchor

April 5, 2017

They say necessity is the mother of invention. So true in this case. I was at the end of the nautical theme : I only had 1 anchor  bead left, having used the others in these two pairs of earrings:


I thought I’d make another pair of earrings, but having done a ball and a square, I was at my wits end as to what shape to make this time.  Anchors aren’t the friendliest shape to work into earrings , and these ones were too big to be used as anything but the centre of attraction. I was messing around with designs with waves in the background, when I realised a boat just works so well with anchors! And since a boat + anchor will be too big for earrings , ta-da! The Boat Bookmark was conceived.

Bookmarks generally make great gifts, and this one is pretty quick to make as well. I completed the design in about an hour, and it took another hour to dry.

Free Pattern : Boat Bookmark with Anchor

There are three sections to this bookmark : the anchor, the oars, and the boat. As everything is attached the boat, I made the anchor and the oars first.

The materials I used:

  • White crochet thread for the boat and anchor rope , with 1.1 mm hook
  • Blue Crochet thread for the boat edge, with 1.1 mm hook
  • Brown Embroider thread (2 ply) for the oars, with 0.75mm hook
  • Anchor Bead
  • Cotton/ Synthetic cotton for stuffing
  • Starch (I use diluted Fevicol, similar to Mod Podge)


Measure out the length of the bookmark. For me it was about 8 inches. Measure double the length and add a few more inches in the white thread (I used about 24 inches). Fold it in half and attach the mid point loop to the anchor bead using a girth hitch. Ensure that both tails are equal in length and measure atleast the length of the bookmark+ a few inches. As we will be twisting the two, we will lose a bit of length so adjust accordingly.


You will make two of these

  • Chain 4
  • R1 : Sc in second chain from hook, sc in next 2 chains, turn. (3)
  • R2 : Sc in next 3 stitches, turn. (3)
  • R3 : Decrease all 3 stitches into 1 stich(Red3sc) (1)
  • Double Chain x 7, ch1, close. weave in ends.

If you need help understanding how to do the double chain, Moral Fiber has a very helpful post here.

Starch these together, so that they are uniform in shape, and let it dry.


The boat is made in four steps : The bottom, the top, the sides & joining.

For both the bottom & the top, we will be starting at the flat side on the back of the boat.

For the bottom:

  • Ch 7
  • R1 : sc in second chain from hook, sc in the next 5 stitches, turn. (6)
  • R2 – R5 : sc x6, turn (6)
  • R6 : sc, sc, red2sc, sc, sc, turn (5)
  • R7 : sc, red3sc, sc, turn (3)
  • R8 : red3sc (1) , close

For the top

  • Ch 7
  • R1 : sc in second chain from hook, sc in the next 5 stitches, turn. (6)
  • R2 – R5 : sc x6, turn (6)
  • R6 : sc, sc, red2sc, sc, sc, turn (5)
  • R7 : sc, sc, red2sc, sc, turn (4)
  • R8 : sc, red2sc, sc, turn (3)
  • R9 : red2sc, sc, turn (2)
  • R10 : red2sc , close (1)

The sides are stitched on the bottom piece, starting from the first stitch flat side on the back, i.e. the starting chain.

  • R1 : sc in the front post for the first 6 stitches (i.e. the flat side). sc 1 stitch in each row x 7 till you reach the last row. 3sc in the last row (so that you reach the other side), sc 1 stitch in each row x 7 till you reach the flat side (23), into first stitch, ch1,
  • R2 : sc in same stitch as, sc in each stitch x 13 (i.e. flat side & one curved side till you reach the nose), 2sc, sc x 8 (24), into first stitch, ch 1
  • R3 : sc in same stitch as , sc in each stitch x13, 2sc, 2sc, sc x 8 (26), sl. st. into first stitch, ch1
  • R4 : sc in same stitch as , sc in each stitch x25 (26), close

Align the bottom to the sides so that the flat sides are together. Start from the flat side, using the blue thread.

  • Sc through the first stitch on the flat side for both the top & the sides. Repeat for the next 5 stitches. Ch1
  • Sc through each row of the top & corresponding stitch on one side x 9
  • sc through the last row of the top & corresponding stitch on the side, ch1, sc through last row of top on the other side& corresponding stitch below.
  • Sc through each row of the top & corresponding stitch on one side x 5. *PAUSE*
  • Attach the end of the anchor rope & the oars to the top, ensuring the knots are on the inside. Stuff cotton/synthetic cotton, till the shape seems sturdy.
  • *Continue* sc through each row of the top & corresponding stitch on one side x 4, ch1 , . & join to the first stitch. close.  Weave in ends.


Starch & Twist the the threads holding the anchor to make it look like a rope. Hold it in place as it dries to prevent it from unravelling.

If you feel that the boat isn’t holding its shape, then you can add some starch from the outside, and pinch it into shape.


Hope you have fun making this! Do send me pictures of your creations or post them on my page , I’d love to see your work!

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